Why GoodLab

Digital Patient Recruitment Done Differently

What You Get

GoodLab is committed to presenting clinical trials to the 95+% of Americans who have never participated in research.
As a result we have delivered tens of thousands of patients for over 150 different health indications. By utilizing GoodLab to help recruit for your trial you will get...


New Channels

Traditional digital recruitment companies focus heavily on Google, Facebook & other social channels. Not at GoodLab. We combine our 7m strong database with other untapped digital channels to drive 600,000 plus registrations per month of individuals interested in participating in clinical trials.

At GoodLab we aren’t looking for people who showed past interest in clinical trials, we are looking for the 75% of patients that didn’t even know a clinical trial was possible.


The scope of our reach, in conjunction with our fast set up time, means you can get your trials in front of motivated candidates in under 24 hours. This direct access to motivated patients will significantly reduce your recruitment timelines.

Our free trial also allows you to see exactly how many referrals we are able to deliver for your protocol using real world data. Read how we were able to do a full feasibility assessment for a pediatric ADHD study in under 1 week here.



At GoodLab we will work to accommodate the services that you need. We can provide full end-to-end recruitment where we build the landing page, utilize a call center and integrate with your chosen CTMS system.

We also run more simplified (but no less effective!) campaigns where we run traffic directly to your existing landing page and/or call center. You can think of this model as us being another traffic source for your existing recruitment efforts.

With all of our campaigns you will experience no set up fees and no lock in costs. You can read through some of these different scenarios in our case studies section.


At GoodLab we believe that patient recruitment needs to be win/win for everyone - our clients, us and the patient. That is why we align our pricing to the outcome best suited for a specific trial. That could mean we charge per visitor, per digital pre-screen, per phone screen, per-randomization or a combination of them all.

You can see examples of all of these different pricing structures in our case studies section.



Our database now sits at over 7,000,000 people with each of these categorized by their health condition. As part of any recruitment effort we will (compliantly!) reach out to the individuals already in our database based on their health and communication preferences.


It is estimated that over 80% of clinical trial participants in the US are white while 3.1% are African American and 1% are Hispanic. At GoodLab we realize this is a big problem for the development of effective treatments for all. That is why our pool of candidates are over 5x more diverse than the status quo.


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