GoodLab has helped recruit for close to 20 migraine trials. We have targeted patients who suffer chronic or episodic migraines as well as those taking speicific classes of medications.

Case Study

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The Challenge

Two separate site networks were looking to recruit patients at low populated sites for the same migraine trial. The trial was particularly difficult as the individuals had to suffer a high number of both migraine and headache days per month and in addition had to use specific medication.

The site networks wanted to implement a pay-as-you go campaign as each location had a specific budget for this particular trial.

The Solution

Within two weeks GoodLab built a migraine specific landing page and launched it within our trial discovery platform. The landing page filtering was built so only qualified participants were sent to the participating sites.

GoodLab didn’t charge a set up fee and was compensated for each referral delivered to the sites. In addition, each site had a specific cap of leads that could be sent - this was managed programmatically within our marketplace.

The Outcome

Despite the remote locations of many of the sites, rotating budgets across these sites and the rather strict I/E criteria, GoodLab was able to deliver over 600 referrals across 9 sites within a 2 month period. These referrals were sent in real time to each site with some being directly integrated into the sites CMS.


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