While always challenging, GoodLab has helped recruit for close to 30 different pediatric trials across 15 different health indications.

Case Study

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The Challenge

A sponsor was looking to recruit participants for a COVID-19 vaccine trial for infants. The participants needed to be between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old - a difficult cohort of people to reach.

Commercially, the sponsor wanted to ensure the efforts of GoodLab were aligned with their own outcomes.

The Solution

Working alongside Citeline, GoodLab received a landing page and IRB approved materials. Within 24 hours GoodLab was able to list the trial within their trial discovery platform.

GoodLab was compensated a smaller fee for each referral and a larger fee for individuals successfully randomized into the trial.

The Outcome

GoodLab was one of half-a-dozen recruitment vendors utilized (via Citeline) for this study. They were the highest performing vendor both from a volume and a conversion point perspective. Over a 2 month period they were able to deliver 38 randomizations across 16 sites - this equalled a randomization rate of 8% users who expressed interest in participating.


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