GoodLab has helped recruit for over 14 separate eczema trials. Over 20% of referrals convert to site referrals.

Case Study

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The Challenge

A site network was looking to recruit patients for two separate eczema trials across 3 of their sites. The first was particularly challenging as the participant needed to have a sufficient amount of Eczema in conjunction with using existing cortisone creams. In addition, the trials had quite an extensive list of health conditions that were disqualifiers.

The client also didn’t want to burden the sites with leads who may not qualify. Commercially, the site only waited to pay for patients who were successfully screened at the site.

The Solution

Within two weeks, GoodLab had built two custom landing pages for these trials and fully integrated these pages with our call center partner.

The trials were listed within our clinical trial discovery platform where it was viewed by over 25,000 people per day.

Within 24 hours of being listed, over 20 patients per day were being digitally pre-screened. Every digitally screened patient was passed onto the call center for further screening. The patients who pass phone screening are automatically scheduled with a site.

The client was only charged for patients successfully screened at the sites with no set up costs.

The Outcome

Of the 600 patients per month that were digitally pre-screened, 330 were contacted (55%) with 72 (22%) of these passing phone screened and scheduled in with a site. Of these, 40 (56%) turned up and were eligible for screening.

This was the initial stages of the campaign (only 3 sites) - as more sites are added these volumes are expected to increase dramatically.


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