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Helping innovators across the clinical trial value chain reach new audiences.

Tailor Made Solutions

GoodLab can help you guide the patient recruitment landscape from feasbility assessment to pricing to landing page to call centre to site hand off. We are also able to use your existing active study information. Whatever is best suited for your trials needs, we will be able to build a solution that fits best.


Feasibility Testing

Want to try before you buy? Launch a rapid feasbility test based on your current study protocol to see how many patients you could expect to receive and at what price.

Landing Page Creation

Equip your sites with the materials to recruit to their maximum potential, while giving your study an identity, and an online presence, that resonates with your target population.


Call Center

Our call center partner averages a 55% contact rate with close to 20% of referrals being handed off to the site. With over 130 agents solely focusing on connecting patients to sites, the call center can help decrease burden on sites and boost randomization rates.

Bespoke Set ups

All the above services can be mixed and matched. You can use your own landing pages or call center. We can integrate with any CTMS and our online tracking capabilities are unrivaled.


New Candidates Every Month


Different Therapeutic Areas


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