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    Join the fight against mental health conditions

    Over 1 in 4 American adults (that’s over 60 million!) live with a mental illness. The status quo isn’t working. At GoodLab we are here for you. Find a clinical trial today.

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    Help put an end to Migraines.

    1 in 4 households have someone who suffers migraines.
    A cure has not yet been found.
    Join the fight to understand and combat migraines.

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    Acne. Eczema. Psoriasis. Rashes

    85 million people across the US are impacted by skin conditions. These conditions cost Americans $75bn per year.

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    Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

    Two chronic conditions impacting over 3 million Americans. Help try to find a cure for these crippling lifelong conditions.

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    1/9 of us will get Alzheimer’s one day

    Alzheimer’s is currently ranked as the 7th leading cause of death in the United States Join the fight to understand and combat this debilitating condition.

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About Us

We are raising awareness of clinical trials as a treatment option to hundreds of
thousands of people every month.

Our Story

Dan’s mum is a senior research fellow with a particular focus on cognitive aging, decline and dementia. A year ago over family dinner she was complaining to Dan about how hard it was to find patients for her groundbreaking research.

Daniel Kochan | CEO/CVO

Dan, being the curious fellow he is, found this interesting and decided to do some digging - he noticed that 85% of patients are unaware of clinical trials yet 75% of these patients said they would have been willing to enroll had they known it was possible. He also noticed that 86% of clinical trials are delayed while trying to find enough patients.

What this all meant was that building awareness in clinical trials could save lives & billions of dollars in delayed trials - it would also make Dan’s mum's life easier.

Luckily Dan and the team have a track record in building awareness and so, from that family dinner a year ago, GoodLab was born.

Daniel Kochan | CEO/CVO

These humble beginnings have turned into 400,000 people per month registering
with GoodLab to learn more about clinical trials.

And we are just getting started.

The Team

GoodLab is part of a 200+ team based out of Sydney, Australia. The founding team at GoodLab
have over 30+ years of digital marketing experience across all consumer verticals.

Daniel Kochan

Dan has been generating leads for over a decade across many different consumer verticals.

He has become Chief Vibe Officer & is responsible for uplifting the spirits of the GoodLab Team. The CVO position is one he takes seriously.

Samuel Hoysted

Sam has a background in mechatronics engineering and has been building lead generation platforms for close to a decade.

He has also recently taken up the role of Chief Narrative Officer responsible for spreading good yarns around the office.

Josh Golombick

Josh has a broad experience traversing large corporates and nimbler startups.

His role as Chief Inspiration Officer is the one he holds closest to his heart - ensuring the team is operating at their best everyday.