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At GoodLab we can deliver you an exact estimate of the number of referrals we can deliver for your trial. We do this by utilizing the trial protocol to create a digital pre-screener for your trial and putting it in front of 25,000 people daily. This is a free service we offer and can give you confidence in your ability to recruit. Read below for a case study we did for a pharmaceutical company.

Case Study

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The Challenge

A pharmaceutical company was looking to recruit participants for a phase 3 pediatric ADHD trial. The company was looking for participants specifically in the 4-5 year age group. Recruiting for pediatrics is always a challenge - this specific cohort has the additional challenge that parents are often unaware their child may have ADHD at this age.

Given the difficult nature of this specific cohort, the pharmaceutical company was trying to understand the potential recruitment success.

The Solution


The pharmaceutical company provided GoodLab with the protocol for the trial and, within 72 hours, GoodLab built an ADHD specific landing page and launched it within their trial discovery platform. This trial was viewed by 20,000+ relevant participants per day over a 4 day period.

This was done at no charge to the pharmaceutical company.

The Outcome

Within 4 days GoodLab delivered 39 parents within 30 miles of a site that had completed digital prescreening. This outcome meant that in under 1 week the client was able to get an understanding of exactly the amount of referrals GoodLab could deliver using real world data. This data is a crucial step in understanding the potential success of a trial - if you would like to get similar data for your trial simply click the button below to get started.


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