GoodLab has helped recruit for 11 different Alzheimer's trials. Our database of Alzheimer sufferers and their carers sits at 34,312 and is growing everyday.

Case Study

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The Challenge

A digital medical records company was looking to recruit Alzheimer’s patients to their portal. In order to qualify, the patient has to go through a fairly detailed onboarding process which involves giving detailed information about their health condition and who their treating doctors are.

The patient is only considered fully randomized/onboarded once their diagnosis is confirmed from the medical records collected from their treating doctors.

Commercially, the provider wanted to ensure the efforts of GoodLab were aligned with their own outcomes.

The Solution

The company provided GoodLab with the landing pages and pre-approved content - within 24 hours GoodLab had listed the trial within their discovery platform. This resulted in 180 qualified visitors being driven to the landing page per day.

GoodLab was compensated a smaller fee for each registration in the portal and a larger fee for individuals successfully randomized/onboarded.

The Outcome

Over a 5 month period, GoodLab was able to deliver 915 Alzheimer registrations, of which, 630 patients (68%) were fully onboarded/randomized.

Along with Alzheimer’s, GoodLab has helped the medical records company drive patients for breast cancer, IGaN, lupus, hemophelia, huntington’s disease, congenital adrenal hyperplasia and myasthenia gravis.

They have provided the following feedback:

We have been working with the team at GoodLab for over a year now and have been very impressed with their ability to drive patients for a wide variety of health conditions. We have worked with them on more common conditions such as Alzheimer’s through to far more rare conditions such as Huntington’s disease. They have consistently been one of our best referral partners across all health conditions.


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