GoodLab has worked on close to 50 healthy volunteer trials targeting infants all the way through to 75 year olds.

Case Study

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The Challenge

A sponsor was looking to recruit for an RSV vaccine trial. The participants were recruited in cohorts with 65+ year olds recruited first, then 70+ year olds and finally 80+ year olds. The participants had to be in good health and be willing to attend 8 study visits in a 25 month period.

Commercially, the sponsor wanted to ensure the efforts of GoodLab were aligned with their own outcomes.

The Solution

Working alongside Citeline, GoodLab received a landing page and IRB approved materials. Within 24 hours GoodLab was able to list the trial within their trial discovery platform. This resulted in 45 qualified referrals being delivered per day across 23 different sites.

GoodLab was compensated a smaller fee for each referral and a larger fee for individuals succesfully randomized into the trial.

The Outcome

GoodLab was one of half-a-dozen recruitment vendors utilized (via Citeline) for this study. They were the highest performing vendor both from a volume and a conversion point perspective. Over a 3 month period they were able to deliver 374 randomizations - this equalled a randomization rate of 11.7% of users who expressed interest in participating.

Below was feedback from Citeline following this trial:

Citeline is excited to work with GoodLab, one of our top-performing partners. The GoodLab team has helped us enroll patients in critical clinical trials while meeting significant study budgets. They have the passion and ability to get study opportunities in front of patients, achieve high conversion rates, and accelerate research.


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